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This is the perfect boot for your leg shape

Finding matching boots is not so easy: sometimes they seem to visually compress, sometimes they make the legs look thicker. Just find the right boot for you with these tips.

Boots are not only fashionable, but also practical and warming in the cold season. But many women find it hard to find the right boot for their leg shape. Especially small or slightly stronger women often do not dare to wear boots. But that is a mistake. Boots can cause small figure miracles.

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Among women with short legs, there is a widespread error. Namely that one should release as much leg as possible, so that the legs do not look even shorter. Sounds logical, but it is exactly wrong. Overknees or other boots with a high shaft stretch visually. With long boots, you look slimmer and taller. Ankle boots on the other hand. Fortunately, overknees and other high-heeled boots are currently in fashion. So you will surely find a boot that fits your calf width. So that overknees do not look cheap, you should combine them to simpler outfits. They go great with tunics or longshirts. Styling tip: The shorter your dress, the flatter the heel should be.

If your calves are a little heavier and you want to hide this supposed taint, ankle boots are the method of choice for you. Ankle boots have a slightly shorter shaft than ankle boots – as the name suggests, they usually end at the ankle. The boat should definitely be pointed at the front, the heel should be wide and medium high. This makes the legs look slimmer. Ankle boots can be combined with many different pants. They fit with both tube and boyfriend jeans, as well as culottes or leggings. Even if you want to wear overknees or boots, you should pay attention to a pointed shape. Perfect is a stretch insert, because the legs are often a little thicker during the day.


In principle, women with long legs can wear almost anything. This also applies to boots. Above all, ankle boots are really great only for women with normal-long to very long legs, because they squeeze the legs a bit. But if you have long legs, you can afford it. Good for you, because ankle boots are absolute all-rounders that can be combined with many things. They look really great with skinny jeans or shorts. Of course you can also grab boots with a high shaft and pointed models. But be aware that this will make your legs look even longer.

Slender legs are the dream of many women and men become weak at the sight of the tender limbs. Good reasons to put your slim legs a bit more in the foreground. Perfect is the currently totally hip Sock-Boots. They are as close to the leg as a sock, which is why they are best combined with a skirt or dress. There are sock boots as ankle boot, ankle boot or overknee, flat or with heel.

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