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3 tips to find the perfect lingerie for your festive outfit

Every year … we are faced with the big question of the perfect outfit for Christmas parties, Christmas Eve and, of course, New Year’s Eve. Clear that it is not “only” on dresses, skirts & Co., but also on the matching underwear. Here you can find out which lingerie trend will make your look truly enjoyable fashion!


1. Lingerie Tip: Velvet suits metallic details.

The look: Whether as a dress, biker jacket or ankle boots: Metallic effects are the trend. Especially for the festive season, it is advisable to sparkle in precious metal shades such as silver, gold, rose gold or bronze. A great outfit idea for the next Christmas party in a large circle: a wrap dress in metallic look – party meets 80ies flair!

The right underwear: If it is sparkling, then the lingerie should be noble, but not too noticeable. This succeeds, for example, with a velvet bustier with a wide underbust band : thanks to its opaque material, it may well flash in wrap dresses, without that looks too sexy. Plus: Dresses with a high percentage of polyester or elastane do not slip despite the solid surface structure of the velvet part. Cleverly!


2. Lingerie Tip: A beautiful back … does not show a bra closure.

The look: Simple case dresses are perfect for the family party – and have a small wow effect, including the neckline, when it’s time for a Christmas party. Stupid only when the delightful back view of the bra’s closure is literally “thwarted ” …

The matching underwear: Now helps a shapely and supportive body with back cut . For example, in hip lingerie collections (eg from C & A) in fall / winter 2017, there are also models with long sleeves, a high round neck and an adjustable crotch section, which exclude tiresome interfaces on the buttocks and legs. Thanks to the gently fitting bow tip, the body also does not stand out under body-conscious clothes. So that everything stays where it belongs, the retaining part on the front should be strengthened with transparent mesh bodysuits with jacquard or inserts.

3. Lingerie Tip: High-necked outfit? High-necked bustier!

The look: Right now, high-necked knit and rip-look dresses are trendy. Especially with over knee boots in suede look or faux fur vests or coats they make a lot in terms of festivity. Or should it be a party-suited, but high-necked dress in Fit & Flare cut or a pair of pants with jacquard patterning, which we combine with the turtleneck shirt? No problem: In addition, the matching ankle boots – and the festive look is ready.

The matching underwear: Balconette bras do indeed conjure up a fabulous . but are characterized quickly under high-necked parts. That’s why an equally high-necked bra model with a halterneck look is just the thing: thanks to its sophisticated mesh and lace, it conjures up a groove-less, perfectly curved under every dress with a high round neck or turtleneck.

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