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You should keep and clean your prom dress if you love it

The elegant precious prom dress is one of the best pieces in a woman’s wardrobe. But when storing your ball, you should follow a few simple rules, so that your good piece long stays beautiful.


In the luxury prom dress, woman almost feels like a princess. But with the prom dress cleaning and the care you should consider a lot, so that the elaborately worked clothes survive also the next season.

Many women want to keep their prom dress. No wonder, after all, the noble robes cost a lot of money. But not only the high price makes the prom dress a valuable piece of clothing – many also combine beautiful memories with it. So that you have as long as possible of your good piece, you should keep it properly.

If you want to clean the dress at home, then hand washing at lukewarm temperature is recommended. Here you should resort to special detergents for fine. The dress can be soaked in the water and then rinse with lukewarm water. To dry, hang the best piece on a tumble dryer, which is preferably in a dark place, since direct sunlight could change the colour.


It is advisable to keep the prom dress in a garment bag, as it protects it from dust and sunlight. In the long run, sun exposure could lead to colour fading. The biggest danger to your prom dress, however, are moths. To protect your noble robe from it, you should bring mothballs or moth stripes into the garment bag. And even though anti-moth products are no longer as unpleasant as they used to be these days: one day before you want to take your ball, you should get it out of the closet for airing.

Generally speaking, prom dress as every women’s formal dress is necessary to have a great maintenance, so you will be more beautiful when you attend next formal occasion if you wear great maintenance prom dress.

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