You should keep and clean your prom dress if you love it

The elegant precious prom dress is one of the best pieces in a woman’s wardrobe. But when storing your ball, you should follow a few simple rules, so that your good piece long stays beautiful.


In the luxury prom dress, woman almost feels like a princess. But with the prom dress cleaning and the care you should consider a lot, so that the elaborately worked clothes survive also the next season.

Many women want to keep their prom dress. No wonder, after all, the noble robes cost a lot of money. But not only the high price makes the prom dress a valuable piece of clothing – many also combine beautiful memories with it. So that you have as long as possible of your good piece, you should keep it properly.

If you want to clean the dress at home, then hand washing at lukewarm temperature is recommended. Here you should resort to special detergents for fine. The dress can be soaked in the water and then rinse with lukewarm water. To dry, hang the best piece on a tumble dryer, which is preferably in a dark place, since direct sunlight could change the colour.


It is advisable to keep the prom dress in a garment bag, as it protects it from dust and sunlight. In the long run, sun exposure could lead to colour fading. The biggest danger to your prom dress, however, are moths. To protect your noble robe from it, you should bring mothballs or moth stripes into the garment bag. And even though anti-moth products are no longer as unpleasant as they used to be these days: one day before you want to take your ball, you should get it out of the closet for airing.

Generally speaking, prom dress as every women’s formal dress is necessary to have a great maintenance, so you will be more beautiful when you attend next formal occasion if you wear great maintenance prom dress.

This is the perfect boot for your leg shape

Finding matching boots is not so easy: sometimes they seem to visually compress, sometimes they make the legs look thicker. Just find the right boot for you with these tips.

Boots are not only fashionable, but also practical and warming in the cold season. But many women find it hard to find the right boot for their leg shape. Especially small or slightly stronger women often do not dare to wear boots. But that is a mistake. Boots can cause small figure miracles.

boots lady

Among women with short legs, there is a widespread error. Namely that one should release as much leg as possible, so that the legs do not look even shorter. Sounds logical, but it is exactly wrong. Overknees or other boots with a high shaft stretch visually. With long boots, you look slimmer and taller. Ankle boots on the other hand. Fortunately, overknees and other high-heeled boots are currently in fashion. So you will surely find a boot that fits your calf width. So that overknees do not look cheap, you should combine them to simpler outfits. They go great with tunics or longshirts. Styling tip: The shorter your dress, the flatter the heel should be.

If your calves are a little heavier and you want to hide this supposed taint, ankle boots are the method of choice for you. Ankle boots have a slightly shorter shaft than ankle boots – as the name suggests, they usually end at the ankle. The boat should definitely be pointed at the front, the heel should be wide and medium high. This makes the legs look slimmer. Ankle boots can be combined with many different pants. They fit with both tube and boyfriend jeans, as well as culottes or leggings. Even if you want to wear overknees or boots, you should pay attention to a pointed shape. Perfect is a stretch insert, because the legs are often a little thicker during the day.


In principle, women with long legs can wear almost anything. This also applies to boots. Above all, ankle boots are really great only for women with normal-long to very long legs, because they squeeze the legs a bit. But if you have long legs, you can afford it. Good for you, because ankle boots are absolute all-rounders that can be combined with many things. They look really great with skinny jeans or shorts. Of course you can also grab boots with a high shaft and pointed models. But be aware that this will make your legs look even longer.

Slender legs are the dream of many women and men become weak at the sight of the tender limbs. Good reasons to put your slim legs a bit more in the foreground. Perfect is the currently totally hip Sock-Boots. They are as close to the leg as a sock, which is why they are best combined with a skirt or dress. There are sock boots as ankle boot, ankle boot or overknee, flat or with heel.

5 things you did not know about “The Devil Wears Prada”

It’s been ten years since the movie “The Devil Wears Prada” flickered across the big screen. Newly graduated college graduate Andy Sachs ( Anne Hathaway ) takes on a job as second assistant to Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep), the icy and very demanding editor-in-chief of leading fashion magazine Runway.


1. Donna Karan created the look of Miranda Priestly

After first meeting Meryl Streep, costume designer Patricia Field instantly envisioned the designs of Donna Karan: her designs are simple, flattering, and they emphasize waist and shoulders without being extravagant. Her clothes were the basis for Miranda’s look.

2. Andy Sachs is a real Chanel girl

When Patricia contacted Field Chanel to give them the script, they were immediately impressed with Andy’s character. Chanel wanted to be a part of the film, after all, the fashion company should address a new target group: young, fashion-conscious women.

3. The costume designer let her contacts play

To get the coat of Miranda Priestly, Patricia had her contacts play: An old friend from Russia had opened a new showroom in New Yorkand made her the unique mega coat available. Patricia Field stated: “When it comes to expensive high-fashion labels, you need good contacts and especially friends. You can not do a good movie with H & M clothes. ”

4. Emily Blunt was the biggest fashion girl on the set

Actress Emily Blunt loved all the clothes and accessories she was given. It also suited her role perfectly because, according to Patricia Field, her character was the first assistant of the most fashionable of all.

5. Stanley Tucci helped the costumes understand his movie characters

“He made a big compliment to us in an interview when he said when he went to his first fitting, he did not really have a picture of his character in mind. But after he finished the fitting, he knew exactly who to play, “says Patricia Field.

3 tips to find the perfect lingerie for your festive outfit

Every year … we are faced with the big question of the perfect outfit for Christmas parties, Christmas Eve and, of course, New Year’s Eve. Clear that it is not “only” on dresses, skirts & Co., but also on the matching underwear. Here you can find out which lingerie trend will make your look truly enjoyable fashion!


1. Lingerie Tip: Velvet suits metallic details.

The look: Whether as a dress, biker jacket or ankle boots: Metallic effects are the trend. Especially for the festive season, it is advisable to sparkle in precious metal shades such as silver, gold, rose gold or bronze. A great outfit idea for the next Christmas party in a large circle: a wrap dress in metallic look – party meets 80ies flair!

The right underwear: If it is sparkling, then the lingerie should be noble, but not too noticeable. This succeeds, for example, with a velvet bustier with a wide underbust band : thanks to its opaque material, it may well flash in wrap dresses, without that looks too sexy. Plus: Dresses with a high percentage of polyester or elastane do not slip despite the solid surface structure of the velvet part. Cleverly!


2. Lingerie Tip: A beautiful back … does not show a bra closure.

The look: Simple case dresses are perfect for the family party – and have a small wow effect, including the neckline, when it’s time for a Christmas party. Stupid only when the delightful back view of the bra’s closure is literally “thwarted ” …

The matching underwear: Now helps a shapely and supportive body with back cut . For example, in hip lingerie collections (eg from C & A) in fall / winter 2017, there are also models with long sleeves, a high round neck and an adjustable crotch section, which exclude tiresome interfaces on the buttocks and legs. Thanks to the gently fitting bow tip, the body also does not stand out under body-conscious clothes. So that everything stays where it belongs, the retaining part on the front should be strengthened with transparent mesh bodysuits with jacquard or inserts.

3. Lingerie Tip: High-necked outfit? High-necked bustier!

The look: Right now, high-necked knit and rip-look dresses are trendy. Especially with over knee boots in suede look or faux fur vests or coats they make a lot in terms of festivity. Or should it be a party-suited, but high-necked dress in Fit & Flare cut or a pair of pants with jacquard patterning, which we combine with the turtleneck shirt? No problem: In addition, the matching ankle boots – and the festive look is ready.

The matching underwear: Balconette bras do indeed conjure up a fabulous . but are characterized quickly under high-necked parts. That’s why an equally high-necked bra model with a halterneck look is just the thing: thanks to its sophisticated mesh and lace, it conjures up a groove-less, perfectly curved under every dress with a high round neck or turtleneck.

Insider tips! So you find the right wedding dress

When it comes to the most beautiful day of life, do not you want to leave anything to chance? It is all the more important that you buy the topic of Beautiful wedding dress thoughtfully!


Find the right wedding dress – how it works!

Be aware of what you like and what is important to you long before the actual purchase. Ideally, say goodbye to over-the-top and fairy-tale ideas, and instead try to reconcile your ideas and your budget. If you want to buy a wedding dress, you usually have to compromise . This may sound unromantic, but the more realistic you approach the subject, the less disappointed you are.

It is also important that you do not panic at the topic of buying a wedding dress, but lets you take your time. Therefore, start collecting ideas early on. With concrete ideas in mind it is much easier to rummage through the shops and look for a dress.

For example, you can find many inspirations on the internet at Pinterest. Put on a board and collect all the clothes and accessories you like. Over time, it pretty much shows off what you like and in which direction your style goes. When the time comes, and you are looking for your dream dress in the wedding shops, it will be a great help for the shop assistant to show her your Pinterest board.


Which cut fits?

Which cut you choose for your wedding dress, of course, depends primarily on your taste. But by the right choice, you can also optimally stage your figure or conceal any problem areas.

A-line: With this cut, the top is cut tight, while the skirt is in A-shape. Problem areas in the area of ​​the abdomen, legs and butt are skilfully concealed in this way.

Duchesse: Duchesse-style wedding dresses have a corsage that highlights waist. The skirt is very voluminous and hides wide hips.

Mermaid: This cut is very physical. He skilfully stages the feminine curves, because the dress is tight to the knee and is then on display. This cut is great for tall women with female curves.

Of course you can also find your dream dress in the online shop. There is a list of Fantasy wedding dress online excellent from Chicregina, So brides who want an extra choice can have a special wedding. But be aware that you probably have to try on a lot of clothes until you find the dress that fits you perfectly. And there the online shop is rather the impractical variant.

Kenzo, the school case of a brand that speaks to millennials

Since 2011, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon have been rethinking how to talk about clothes and the history of the brand to a younger generation. They have the reputation of whispering in the ear of the new generation, the one who swears by his smartphone. However, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, the artistic directors of Kenzo , opened a few weeks ago a shop, a real, in the heart of the Marais (120, rue Vieille-du-Temple, Paris IIIe). Is it reasonable? “Of course ! It is still relevant to open physical outlets … but only if you rethink the concept, says Humberto. In our network, it is unique in its kind, conceived both as a modular laboratory hosting projections, exhibitions and product launches, and as the address where to find a selection of parts and archives sold as zero go elsewhere.”


They agree: instead of setting up stores on every street corner, it is better to invent destinations. The two Americans , friends from the university benches in Los Angeles in the 1990s, know what they are talking about, willingly confessing a little addiction. “We are totally addicted to shopping,” Carol Lim smiles. If you had seen us a few minutes earlier, we both had our arms full of packages. You can not go past a shop without going inside. So when we design a store, it must excite us in the first place. “Like Opening Ceremony, the multi-brand they founded in New York in 2001 became a temple of cool, since replicated in Los Angeles and Tokyo .

In the summer of 2011, the news of the appointment of these two “shopkeepers” to the creation of Kenzo had left more than one skeptic. Today, their success is undeniable. Among their feats of arms, the tiger head tiger sweatshirt presented in 2012 and subject since a line of permanent. “Now, everyone goes for their logo hoodie, but at the time, people were wondering what a promotional garment would do on a podium, Humberto amuses. We assume that our work does not end after the parade, that pure creation is nothing without its commercial declension. ”

The duo is very involved in the sale period of their collections, knows the names of professional buyers and their mobile numbers, listen to their remarks carefully. In six years – so to speak an eternity in the contemporary fashion industry – the two best friends have made Kenzo a profitable brand of the LVMH group (which acquired it in 1993).

Beware of over-care! Treat your skin to a break

Face care products are available in the market. You are overwhelmed with a huge selection of creams, ointments and serums. But does that make any sense? Do not so many different products overburden our sensitive facial skin permanently?

face care

The simple answer is yes! Of course, the big picture is a bit more complicated, but basically no one is good at working with 10 different products. On a daily basis wash gel, micellar water , face cream, a serum and the corresponding at night care can also be too much of a good thing.

The problem is that you often use too many products with different compositions or for the wrong type of skin. These can be products of different brands or even within a brand of different care series. The skin is therefore overwhelmed, because they can not absorb all ingredients. She reacts overwrought. It can cause rash , impure skin or redness.

So should you give your skin the chance to breathe and give it a break? There is a so-called zero diet. Yes, there is also something in the area of ​​weight loss, but when it comes to skin, it means that you actually try to wash for four weeks only with water and otherwise absolutely nothing to use. Nothing? Properly read. The first few days will probably stretch your skin, but once you get used to it, it can regenerate.

If that’s too hard for you, try cleaning with water only in the morning and use only very mild cleansing products in the evenings. Important here is to cream only when it really needs the skin and then sparingly. Otherwise, maybe remove some blackheads , but just leave everything else out. So that the skin has the opportunity to recover.

Of course, this zero diet should cause one to think about his skin care permanently and maybe notice, less is actually more. Despite everything, it can be said that every skin is different. For some people, using little to no products is the secret recipe for the rest and it just does not work for the other one. But trying out this method will not hurt, and in the end you might even be saving a lot of money in the future.

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